Introducing  JUST-IN-TIME DESIGN  

where web design saves YOU time!

JNTD is here to help meet and serve your needs when it comes to creating a remarkable customized logo or website. Not only will time be saved on your end, but what is offered goes beyond just pleasing the eye in look and user-friendly functionality, but is backed in the performance you need to get noticed on the world wide web! Though we are a local business, our service and reach go beyond our borders.



Freelance Designer & Owner

Before we go any further let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Vargas and I am a web and graphic designer. I always enjoyed creating; whether it is painting, drawing and now taking my creative touch to website graphics and design. What I am trying to say is that I approach each website like a piece of art that is custom fit for each client I have the opportunity to cater to.


Back in 2017 I had the opportunity to test my skill while managing a Bed & Breakfast with my wonderful wife. As she took to the cooking and hospitality, I worked on presenting our elegant B&B to all our neighbors both near and far in our online presence. Prior to that, this beautiful B&B wasn't really known in its 17 year history. It truly was a hidden gem, waiting to discover its shine.


So check out JNTD and know that with what service provided

your needs will be met in a very timely fashion.  

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to have the joy of working together with you.

                                           LET THERE BE LIGHT!

With hard work, a touch of creativity and some TLC within 17 months, not only did we get that business to be ranked among the top of its class with ratings such as triple diamonds, 4 stars,  top 16 BEST breakfast in the nation (kudos to my wife), the reviews to back it up; but through our discovered success I began to build a philosophy of what it takes for any business to really bring in results. Many guests both domestic and international said they picked our B&B because they were impressed by what they saw on the website and of course their experience went beyond their expectations!


Prior to my time at the B&B, I spent years working and being exposed around the marketing team of a very sweet Fortune 500 Chocolate Company, famously known as THE HERSHEY COMPANY! 


With that exposure and my personal conviction to do all things with EXCELLENCE, God began to open the doors for success. Through my creative gift in logo and website building; I started JNTD and began to serve others, offering my creative insight and ability, keeping in mind basic marketing appeal; all to help them achieve success! So discover the reason to have great satisfaction by knowing that what you also have to offer others can and will be presented extremely well with a site only done JUST-IN-TIME!!!


Don't settle for a site that is just the run of the mill by copying other sites; but go for something that is aesthetically compelling yet fully capable to take on the large search engine sites such as Google and Bing and let the vast number of visitors or cliental line up at your door!

Justin Vargas of                                can help you identify your vision, capture your unique style, and create an appealing design for relevant web presence to accommodate the business growth you are seeking. Though specializing in Wix as also a Wix Partner; Weebly, Square-Space and WordPress web platforms are not off the grid for site upgrades or maintenance.  For diverse designs and business needs, Justin delivers beautiful and functional web pages for your restaurant, church, hotel or small business. Justin works with clients to provide full satisfaction of their web design needs, and always aims to deliver                       for you!