Justin has been dreaming, designing and creating his whole life. He obtains an extraordinary eye for detail and profound creativity in art and verbal communication. It has been said that he is both "Creative and Technical" when it comes to his design work, service and approach to success; while it is typical for one to favor more of one over the other. In addition he loves to connect with people and offer improvement and a quality of excellence and abundance to life. He also is energetic and passionate; and has had the joys of traveling all over the world; enjoying diverse cultures, good food and most of all cherishes time with family and friends. It is some of these attributes and enjoyments that has also helped craft Justin with an ability to meet people where they are at when it comes to them starting or simply improving their business, ministry or service needs. 


After several years of varied experience working among marketers, researchers and innovators of the Hershey Company (a Fortune 500 Company); he also experienced managing successfully the relaunching of The Londonderry Inn in 2016; bringing it to become a highly rated and prestigiously awarded B&B within central PA. It was then that his web designing skills were more notably recognized by a large cliental who were impressed at the time with The Inn's website, along with the service provided.


Justin Vargas has acquired experience connecting the worlds of business, community and the world wide web and now extends his business insight and web design services to you!