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and from that statement onward, JUST-IN-TIME Design began!

Hello there friend, my name is Justin Vargas and I want to thank you for taking a moment to considering me and my services to help get involved with your website and graphic needs. But before I share a bit about myself and what I can provide for you, let's just take a brief moment to clear the table and first focus on you and what may have brought you to this site, on this page, for a very good reason.

So what brings you here?

Well to get to the basics, there could be several reasons as to what bring you here. But let's just suggest a couple of reasons.


It could be that you a looking for a website to be made and learning of the various platforms and so forth could be quite overwhelming and you just do not have the time to invest.

Another reason could be that someone you appointed to make your site may themselves also be learning the ropes to web development and tried putting together a site that is not quite to your satisfaction.

Regardless of the reason, to be fair and honest, we all have to start somewhere, and I am glad that this start for you has brought you here. But just to be clear, in no way do I minimize or dishonor any concerted effort done prior, but rather I come to help aid and encourage in bringing such efforts to the next level.

What you'd be getting yourself into

(if being serviced by me, of course)

So, with what has been said thus far, if you are looking for a website designer that can help bring your business to the next level affording you time and leaving you more than satisfied in swift and thorough service, dependability and quality, well then you have come to the right place. For as important and essential as a launchpad is to a rocket, I am here to help provide such a premise for your web presence that will not only impress your online visitors but would help launch and support your lift off and increasingly steady flight throughout the internet's cyber hemisphere. Giving all the more reason that would compel your clients to get engaged. 

and get your site ready for take off!!

Justin for JNTD 2 less shadow.png

or having some reservations?

Well, I hope one of those reservations involve a table for two

where you and I can get better acquainted and do business. 

But in all honesty, it is totally okay.

It is like what the British Philosopher, Bertrand Russel stated,

" We must be skeptical, even of our own skepticism". 

Perhaps briefly touching on some basic and important questions will help,

because after all this really is about you making the best choice for your business,

which I couldn't agree more!


"Well, nothing really. Unless you are not sure in what you are doing, pressed for time or both!

Either way, this is where I can come in to help serve."

There are plenty of great and competitive platforms out there. In my years of experience, I have found that each platform approaches a different level of skill set and comprehension from beginner to more experienced. However, every major platform now caters to both HTML coding and pre-made template web designers. There are some price point variations, as well as design capabilities one must consider; however, as a designer I work with WordPress, Squarespace and WIX, though there are other platforms out there as well. 


As for me personally I do primarily work with WIX, as I am ranked by WIX (and Editor X) as one of their Designing Partners, which affords me more direct access to their support and features to further enhance one's business and goals using their website. However, this is not contingent for me to work with you if you already have paid for a platform different than WIX, as I have clients who also have their sites with Squarespace and WordPress.


Again, with each platform there are several variables to consider from a financial, timely, security and designing end of things to encourage not only the look and functionality of your site, but also the platform in place to cater to your goals you are seeking to accomplish. Not only do I service clients on various platforms, but I also incorporate custom design graphics beyond what any other platforms offer to create. All this, if interested, will I also cover in your free consultation. Just click contact now if you would like to get started or by all means please be my guest to continue to read on or hopefully do both!


"You can do that as well. Whatever works for you and your budget"

There are great companies out there, but they all started somewhere, one person at a time. As their company grew, so has their cost for their services. In short, freelance service is more affordable than hiring a team. 


You may have come across articles that debate between hiring big corp. and the freelance guy. There are pros and cons indeed to both. Sometimes one's experience with a company, a freelance designer or their own "millennial" family relative can determine their choice of who they would preferably hire next for their grand business endeavor. However, the greatest gift one could ever experience in life and in business, is not just one who may have a "gift" or certain capabilities, but one who is rightly fit and well able to service your present need and facilitate (if not meet) your long term goals. As for me, I know what I can and cannot provide and am not "desperate" for business, but both proven, delighted and determined I can help service your website needs. 


"Well... why not?"

To further and briefly elaborate, there are a few things to consider

when choosing one such as myself who does freelance work for your website, such as:


Are they dependable enough to do the work and respond promptly to my calls?


Will they see my need as important and are they patient enough?


Will they take advantage of me financially?


Can they really be reliable?

Do they know SEO?

Why Justin?


Though I can't speak for all freelancers or perhaps for one's past experiences, as for me, well I like to say that my work speaks for itself, but just to be really sure, feel free to check out the reviews to see what my other clients I serviced over the years have to say.


I will say that I been creating websites since before 2017 when I launched my business JNTD. I will also say that if having me to service you, I am sure to provide the premise for a safe, sure and accountable work relationship where you feel not only did you get the worth of your precious investment in me, but a great quality of results unto your full satisfaction with me as your web designer. 

Click the button below, and fill out the form on the next page to schedule your call with me.


Now if I had the joy and honor of serving you in your website or graphic's (logo) needs here is an

easy 1,2 step procedure you can expect to help make this service thoroughly safe, secure

and of course JUST-IN-TIME! 

Step 1.

Connect and hear your desire for your website or graphic design

Step 2.

Project details drafted in contract for client's approval and signature

Step 3.

Upon down payment and signed contract 

the work begins

Depending on your overall needs and provided content, the framework and design of the sites I create

are tested and completed within 30 days, allowing my clients to check and view the progress

at every step of every day. Hence, JUST-IN-TIME Design.

Know More Details behind the 3 Step Service Process











Yeah, that's what they said

It's always important to make sure you are making a good decision

and as with me, some extra social proof helps.

(These are all real, authentic, verifiable clients that I have worked with)


Justin Vargas of                                can help you identify your vision, capture your unique style, and create an appealing design for relevant web presence to accommodate the business growth you are seeking. Though specializing in Wix as also a Wix Partner; Weebly, Square-Space and WordPress web platforms are not off the grid for site upgrades or maintenance.  For diverse designs and business needs, Justin delivers beautiful and functional web pages for your restaurant, church, hotel or small business. Justin works with clients to provide full satisfaction of their web design needs, and always aims to deliver                       for you!






My family and I

Well as you probably figured out by now the name of my business is a play on words after my name,

but definitely not a play on your investment, time, business results and PEACE OF MIND

that my service offers.

In sharing some particulars, my name is Justin Vargas

and I have been doing web design for over 15 years.


I enjoy traveling and believe it or not

have done a lot of it which includes: 

going coast to coast in the US

and circumnavigated completely by plane, around the earth 1 time

(As you can imagine, the only thing I don't enjoy about flying is that my arms get tired) 



I have a love and appreciation for culture, especially when it comes to my own heritage

originally being from New York, but third generation Italian and Puerto Rican.

So, between those two cultures one could say I am a very lively person.


It has been asked between Italian and Spanish, what foods do I like the most. I simply say, American Chinese. The reason is because regardless if you live in the Northeast or the Southwest, you'll find them everywhere and I love it!


 Actually, between my wife and I, we love checking out different eateries together and cuisines of various cultures. Have any recommendations? Be sure to let me know! 

Favorite Color:

Blue of all kinds. Can't ya tell?


How did I get into this?

Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy NOT far, far away....

my wife and I managed a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. With only two daughters, a one-year-old and younger, we definitely did not foresee this incredible opportunity that was now an addition, granted to us. The only problem is that there was a lot to clean and maintain and no one really knew how much of a secret gem this B&B really was. Hence, we needed paying overnight guests. Sure, it was used to facilitate meetings and so forth, but from the business end of things there was much needed work to get the word out there, while working on the practicality and quality of service we were to offer.


My wife took care of the cooking and cleaning end of things, and I took care of the computer and marketing end of things. Long story short, with much prayer, elbow grease, creativity, time and financial investment, together we saw the results skyrocket whereas in 5 months we were able to hire employees and within our overall 17-month tenure before going off to have more children, the business was put on the map, gaining such notoriety and awards! 

Not only did we get that business to be ranked among the top of its class with ratings such as triple diamonds, 4 stars, 2017's top 16 BEST B&B Breakfast in the nation (kudos to my wife) and the 5-star reviews to back it up; but through our discovered success I began to build a philosophy of what it takes for any business to really bring in results. 


Many guests both domestic and international said they picked our B&B because they were impressed by what they saw on the website and of course their experience went beyond their expectations! Not only did we get that business to be ranked among the top of its class with ratings such as triple diamonds, 4 stars, 2017's top 16 BEST B&B Breakfast in the nation (kudos to my wife) and the 5 star reviews to back it up; but through our discovered success I began to build a philosophy of what it takes for any business to really bring in results. On top of that, our B&B business had guests leaving other local 4-5 star lodgings because our rooms were cheaper, more spacious and beautiful, as well as the food being more fresh, more plentiful, delicious, making every guest's overall experinece of greater quality. The secret? Well aside from much prayer, I began to realize that what was apparent in the B&B industry, was also clear in any business feat. To what exactly, you might ask? The issue of authenticity. Oh sure it is easy to have a site put together and print your name brand on mugs and so forth, but what I began to take note of, is how that majority if each B&B seemed to try to mimic one another and did not fully nor know how to bring out the essence of the individuality behind what their business offered. With this being seen, I began to apply the two words I carry into my web creations and anything else I seek to promote. TRUE & NEW! It was from this time in my life where one of our overnight guests complimented me of my website design work and reasonably said, " you’re a millennial right? You get this computer stuff..." Now I did not go to school for computer graphics (though I did learn a thing or two in high school and college related to computers), it was toward the tail end of my time at the Inn where I began helping other businesses with their web presents and bring out what they highlighted in. What this helped create was not just a nice and functional website, but a site that produced, helped give business owners data on their target audience and potential customers, as well as serving all who see their web present with a foretaste or an appetizer if you will to what great entree's awaited in service. Upon this premises of greater afforablility with better quality of service around the board (as customer after customer raved and reviewed) it was that same ethic of service I also bring into the world of freelance webdesigning. This being backed with a more direct personal quality in service and support resulting with a timely and full satisfactory website design and service. From that time managing the B&B until now continuing in webdesigning, I have been blessed to help businesses (including my wife's at Laureli Cottage / to put their best foot forward and work exclusively promoting and getting behind that which helps bring any community together and drive home positive and profitable results. This is what I also hope to do for you!



Honesty and integrity are my companions

as together we create a culture of honor.


I am authentic, energetic, and

charismatic that strives for


Now enough about me, 

lets get back to you!

Project Process
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