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Below are a few out of many sites I have had the privilege of creating and developing over the years.


Laureli Cottage

As a web designer for Laureli Cottage I not only designed the entire site including every logo for their various collections, but I am also responsible for assisting with creating seasonal ads for both the site and their social media platforms. 

I also helped in their analytic and tracking capabilities which is important for any online retailer such as Laureli Cottage. I have also helped assemble the online checkout capabilities that work in favor for both the store and their customers.  

ACT Road Angel Truckers Center



The Association of Christian Truckers reached out to me more than a couple of years ago in need to only update their entire site. From what started as giving their website and mobile version facelift turned into a long relationship where they called upon me once again to maintain their site and help extend their reach through the web world. This also consist of every page being optimized for SEO and customer conversion, to help generate a more accurate Analytics and Traffic Report on a monthly basis.

I helped establish their site to showcase what all The Road Angel Trucker's Center is all about through both the website and accompanying their social media presence with biweekly ads, as well as implementing a more smooth means for their visitors to donate towards their various charitable projects or purchase merchandise from their online shop. 


As a result, from month to month, year to year, their presence and visitor feedback/engagement has increased where even their parking lot gets full of travelers and truckers alike, journeying through from coast to coast.


Michael Adam Insurance Agency

"Hey Justin, can you create me a website for my business?" That's how Mike approached me and boy, am I glad he did.

All he needed was for a site to be designed that best represented his insurance business. He already had his logo and a color scheme in mind for me to base my work upon. It was important for for him that his clients and customers would be able to more easily engage his office from the comfort of their home and phone, in all areas of insurance he covers. He has someone in staff who maintains the site, but it was a pleasure to help his web presence.


PEP Solutions

With already having created a website for Dr. Janiece Andrew's called EAPDP (Entrepreneurial Apprentice Personal Development Program) providing online courses for anyone, especially college students who are learning how to finance wisely, resulting in continuous income flow beyond graduation, I was then approached again to update her medical practice as a Counselor and Psychiatrist. 

She needed something fresh, where I also designed a new logo to accommodate the practice and service that she and her team offers.

Her site update included a more streamline e-commerce experience, blog capabilities and a more direct visitor engagement through the site where he office can easily accommodate new client's looking to schedule an appointment.

Jim Woodford Ministries

Jim approached me with a desire to get his story known. He at this time already publish a book and was being invited to be interviewed on various radio and tv programs and now needed a site customized to best represent and portray his story and ministry.

I also had fun creating this, as he was a former airline pilot and this allowed me to be creative giving his online viewers a sense of flying through the clouds as they see the plane on the cover of his book and as they scroll down the site, it disappears into the white clouds, getting into the story and inspiration this has provided for many.

Though Jim's book is being sold on several online books stores, I helped make it available to also be sold on his site directly.


Refresh Faith Center

I have been called upon by David on a number of occasions to design posters prior to major events he was looking to host. This often involved me customizing text and graphics. Now this time David had requested I would create a site that would help showcase and better direct all his guests to keep up-to-date with what conferences and gatherings he was hosting.

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